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Balloons Floating Away
Balloons Floating Away
*Minimum number of guests 6 children*
Our Brand New Mini Parties can be booked on Saturday & Sunday between the following times..
09:00 - 12:00
12:30 - 15:30
16:00 - 19:00
Your party includes:
Tables and chairs set at your reserved table outside of the party area set for the number of child guests.

Food options - you can choose either hot food or cold food option however it would apply to all children.  The options cannot be mixed.

Hot Food Option: Hot Dogs, Pita Bread Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Fish Fingers. All served with chips in an individual party box.

Cold Food Option:  Served in an individual party box each child will have 1/2 round each of Cheese Sandwich and Ham Sandwich, small Sausage Roll, Carrot and Cucumber Sticks and a small Bag of Crisps.

For those children with allergies we can supply Veggie and Gluten-free Pita Bread Pizza and Dairy-Free Nuggets as an example. We have lots of options available, please just ask.


A jug of Juice per 3 children.

£3.50 per adult attending the party.

+£1 per child during our afternoon peak session
£17.49 per child - BRONZE everything noted above.

£19.99 per child - SILVER Above + Ice Cream with a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce per child.


£24.49 per child - all of the above + 1x slush drink and mixed sweet cone for all children.

​Party FAQ

  • I do not know the number of attendees at the moment - please book a conservative number of guests, once you have sent out party invites and know your actual numbers you can adjust up to 7 days prior to your party


  • Adults - adults do affect the overall number of people allowed in the arena during any session.  If you are asking adults to stay during the session these are charged at the prevailing price per adult to the party. If you do not know at the time of booking how many adults may stay, then book a conservative number, we can 'tally' those staying during your session and update your invoice accordingly.


  • Can we bring our own cake - yes this is fine to bring a birthday cake but not other items


  • Can I bring additional snacks and drinks - we only allow the birthday cake, no other food is permitted. With regards to drinks, we have a drinks station specifically for party attendees, with a cup provided for each child.  This is available throughout the session. We allow an individual refillable water bottle for each child as standard for all visitors.


  • Are candles allowed with the cake - we allow standard candles but not 'sparklers'.


  • Can we bring decorations - yes decorations are allowed, but can only be attached with sticky tape. We ask that confetti and silly string is not use.  This is particularly difficult to clean and can cause damage to our facilities.


  • What decorations do you provide - we only provide the table, plain tables and chairs, if you would like table coverings then you will need to bring these with you.


  • How long are Inflatebounce parties - our parties are held within our normal 3 hour sessions.  You book your party table for this duration; if you would like to arrive slightly later or finish earlier this is fine as the room is allocated to you for the whole session. If you intend to start later please let us know in advance so we can plan the food service times accordingly.


  • What time will my party food be served - we allocate food service time based on a number of factors; The number of parties we have on any one session, Party Packages (gold and silver parties require more service time due to the additional items included), food allergies and intolerances (these need special focus for accuracy), number of children in each group (sometimes we can service more than one party at a time, with larger groups they will need to be allocated time individually) food choices (more complex and mixed meal choices on some groups will need slightly longer to prepare) and children's ages. We aim to give notice to all party hosts in advance where possible so that guests can be advised where necessary and if additional snack purchases are chosen, parents can plan in advance.


  • Final Balance - The final party balance must be paid by the end of the session in which the party is being held.  This is done by visiting the reception / office. There is sometimes alterations to your final party price due to many factors, including additional adults staying.


  • Can we provide a mascot or other entertainment? -  Due to the open nature of our arena, we have decided that to bring a mascot or other entertainment to the arena is not permitted. From our experience, the children attending the party will fill the whole session time with eating, drinking and bouncing!

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