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Vegetable Train Platter

Suitable for 10-12 small children - £30.00 


The Train runs down the centre of a platter of sandwich fingers and  is surrounded by crisps. Its engine is made from cucumber and the pepper carriages are filled with carrot & cucumber sticks and a cream cheese dip. 

The sandwiches will be filled with egg mayo, ham, cheese and tuna mayo, unless different flavours are requested...

We can also include chocolate spread or jam.

Traditional Buffet Platter

A mixture of: Cocktail Sausage rolls, Cocktail Sausages, Cheese & Pineapple 


Sandwich Platter

Suitable for 8 adults/12 small children - £18.00 


A selection of sandwiches which will be filled with egg mayo, ham, cheese and tuna mayo, unless different flavours are requested...we can also include chocolate spread or Jam if requested. Served with a bowl of crisps.

Pizza Tray

Suitable for 6-10 small children - £22.50 


Homemade Pizza Sauce tops a Large flat bread base- choose your toppings...cheese & tomato, pepperoni, mushroom, peppers, ham, pineapple. Made and cooked just for you and served hot with a bowl of chips.


(All of the above options include plates and serviettes plus sauces where needed)

Extras & Sides


Sharing Bowl of Chips



Sharing Bowl of Hot Cheesy Nachos


Served with homemade salsa

Something Sweet


Mr Whippy in a tub

£2.00  each

Fruit kebabs

£1.25  each

A selection of fresh fruits served on a small skewer... a sweet yet healthy option.


Choose from vanilla, chocolate or lemon-flavoured homemade cupcakes, topped with buttercream and sprinkles. 


1-10 £2 each

10-20 £1.75 each

20+ £1.50 each


These can be personalised to fit your party requirements at a small additional individual names of attendees/favourite characters/colour theme.


Sweet cones

£1.85 each


Party bags

We can provide cones filled with a selection of sweets, taking away the pressure of making, transporting and remembering party bags. 


Jugs of juice

Available at £2 each with either blackcurrant or orange

Something else in mind?

If you are thinking of something different, please do not hesitate to contact our Catering Manager (, who will work on menus to suit your requirements. We also cater for various food allergens if required.

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