*Minimum number of guests 12 children*
One of our 3 Hour Sessions during School Holidays and Every Weekend

Your party includes:
Tables and chairs set for the number of child guests

Food options - you can choose either a hot food or cold food option however it would apply to all children.  The options cannot be mixed.

Hot Food Option: Hot Dogs, Pita bread Pizza, chicken nuggets, Fish Fingers. all served in an individual party box for each child with a portion of fries.

Cold Food Option:  Served in an individual party box each child will have 1/2 round each of Cheese Sandwich and Ham Sandwich, small Sausage Roll, Carrot & Cucumber Sticks, Small Bag of Crisps and Carton of Juice.

For those children with allergies we can supply Veggie and Gluten-free Pita bread pizza and dairy free nuggets as an example. We have lots of options available, please just ask.


Unlimited juice from the party drinks stand for all child guests


£15.49 per child - BRONZE everything noted above


£16.99 per child - SILVER Above + ice cream with a choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce per child


£18.99 per child - GOLD all of above + unlimited squash, 1 x slush drink in party cup to take home with meal, mixed sweet cone for all children

Prices above are for off-peak sessions

All 12:30pm to 15:30pm parties are +£1 per child

£3 per adult attending the party.


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